Cover Reveal for Finding Wicked

It’s a fantastic Friday because it’s finally cover reveal day for Finding Wicked (The Mitchell Brother Series, Book 2).

RELEASE DATE JUNE 6, 2018!!!!!!


Brooke Sheridan has the weight of the world on her shoulders—her mother’s terminal illness, financial woes. When she’s offered a promotion as Executive Assistant to the cocky arrogant and sexy Garrett Mitchell, CEO, she accepts without second thought.
Together on a business trip, Garrett an avid pilot must make an emergency crash landing on a deserted island. With no satellite service, no phone signal, or any means of rescue on the horizon, they are forced to find ways of survival. But that’s not all they find—sizzling chemistry, undeniable attraction, and HOT passionate sex explode. But amidst paradise, there are also secrets that threaten to tear them apart.


You’re fired, Brooke.”
My eyes widened. “What? Why?”
He dove into the water, slid his shorts off, and tossed them onto the bank. As he shook the water from his hair, droplets rolled down his face.
“When we’re back in Dallas, you can apply for your marketing job if you want.”
“Why would you do this?”
“Because we can’t fuck if you work for me, and I can’t pretend I don’t want you any longer. You’re killing me.” There was a playful smile in his voice

Stay tuned for additional information, excerpts, and surprises!

Kathryn L. James (KJ)




What I’ve Been Up To…

I’ve been working feverishly on Finding Wicked the second installment in The Mitchell Brothers – Wicked Series. Garrett Mitchell (known as The Tin Man according to the break room gossip) is proving he has a warm tender side underneath all that ice….And Brooke Sheridan is the one that’s melting him down.
I’d hoped it would be available to the world by November, regretfully that’s not going to happen. Please be patient…It is coming and it’s my plan to make you fall in love with that dirty mouthed Mitchell brother!
Life has been busy in the KJ house.
Kids laughter.
Daughter lunch dates.
Son lunch dates.
Caring for my mother who has battled lung disease for more than ten years and ironically never smoked a day in her life. Lots of doctors appointments in hopes of preventing admissions. 2017 has been good to her and I can’t begin to express my thankfulness for her improved health.
There were unexpected events and crisis too close for comfort.
Earlier this year, my husband gave our entire family the scare of our lives. He suffered a heart attack and had to be air lifted to a large medical center for cardiac care. I cannot express how this puts things in perspective. The moment they loaded him in the helicopter and I alternated waving and blowing kisses standing as close to the helipad as allowed, not knowing if he could see me–or if I would ever see him again. By day I’m an ER nurse…and I know first hand how people’s lives change in the blink of an eye. I met up with him in an ICU almost an hour and a half later and seeing him in less pain soothed my worry. But that didn’t last. Early the next morning, we were sitting together as if we were in the living room of our home. He wasn’t experiencing pain or discomfort. I’d just told him they were probably going to wait to do a heart cath the next day since it was Sunday when the alarm sounded on his heart monitor. Before my eyes he went into what can be a fatal rhythm. I knew what was happening. I felt as I knew too much. Scared beyond words can describe, I scrambled to my feet as a team of critical care members along with the staff cardiologist joined me at his bedside and began rapid response care. I don’t think I remembered to breathe. Once again, I watched him being wheeled behind closed doors with me scared out of my wits. Would I see him again? I cried against the window pane. I prayed into the deafening silence. I sat in the waiting room, completely alone–all of about five minutes before running back into the hallway standing outside those heavy locked doors where I’d last been by his side. He had blockage and by the grace of God, he is doing well after having what the doctor’s call “The Widow Maker” event.

Aside from all of this, I will confess there was a little Vampire Diaries Addiction in this mix. In late summer I reached Season Three in a couple of weeks. I had to compromise. Now I only get to watch one episode after 4,500 written words. I’m starving to see what happens with Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Tyler and the rest of the gang. If you watch it…then you totally get me.
Big things are coming for the fall of 2017 and you won’t want to miss out. I’ll have a newsletter soon and plan to only stalk you by email once every couple of months unless there is a newsflash or gossip to share out something I can’t keep quiet about. Also teasers around the corner as well as a book trailer.
AND….the biggest secret of all is the book cover. It’s in the works and it’s going to be amazing. Gahhhh, I can hardly talk about it without wanting to give you a sneak peek.
To all my readers, the bloggers, those who left reviews, sent messages, or re-tweeted my work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Till next time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)


Reviews like this make my day. One of the best thing a reader can do is leave one on the site they purchased and on Goodreads. Chasing Wicked is up for pre-sale and can be one-clicked today where it will show up in your library April 18th!

I’m so excited and hope you enjoy reading Stone Mitchell and Avery Anderson’s story as much as I enjoyed writing them. Currently I’m working as fast as I can on the second book in the series, Finding Wicked–Garret ‘bad-boy’ Mitchell and Brook Sheridan will make their appearance in teasers and excerpts throughout the summer.

Until next time, happy reading!

Kathryn L. James

It’s cover reveal day for Chasing Wicked!

Chasing Wicked Final Wrap Around


Enjoy an excerpt! Teasers and Trailers coming soon…

Stone Mitchell—my worst nightmare.


The muscles of his back rippled against his tight-fitting black t-shirt like he’d been molded into it. He had thick brown hair that was made of silk, softer than silk…my hands remembered exactly how soft.


In a complete stupor, I let go of the handle of the suitcase, causing it to crash against the tiled floor. He spun around, tossed a dish towel over his shoulder, and froze mid-spin. Icy topaz eyes met my disgusted glare head on.


“What the hell are you doing here?” he bit out.


“Stone…” My heart screamed for me to bolt, but I didn’t take a single step.


“I asked you what the hell you’re doing here.” He tossed the kitchen towel across the countertop and folded his arms across this chest.


“I-I’m supposed to be here. Why are you here?”


“This is the last place you’re supposed to be.”


This had to be the most jacked-up karma in the world. Nausea rolled into the pit of my stomach and my nails dug into the palms of my hand. The cocky bastard wore the same expression he’d worn all those years ago.


“Dovie sent me.” My voice was barely above a whisper.


“Why the hell would my grandmother send you to my house?”


Behind him, foamy liquid spilled over the rim of the stockpot, filling the room with popping sounds as the contents ran onto the burner and sizzled. “Shit!” He whirled around, quickly moving it.


My mind formulated a hundred different scenarios to rationalize what was happening, but one thought screamed louder than the rest: Get the hell out of here. I seized the opportunity, grabbed my bag, and ran like hell. Bolting out of the house, I took the steps off the deck two at a time, my suitcase bouncing all around behind me.


Halfway down, wind whipping my hair against my face, I heard the door slam above then heavy footsteps closing in behind me. Sheets of rain blew underneath the house, stinging my skin. Adrenaline fueled my feet as I reached the sedan’s door handle, seconds away from leaving the biggest mistake of my life behind.


“Why are you here? No way did Gammy send you here,” he called out as he kept walking toward me like a predator.


“I’m here because she offered me this place for the summer. I don’t know… She didn’t send me here knowing you were here.” She couldn’t have. My Dovie would never have done that to me…or to him.


Only steps away, he showed no sign of stopping, so I spun back around to make my great escape. He caged in my body against the car, not touching me, but so close that if I moved at all, I would land against either his arms or chest. He pressed the frame of the door closed.


“Get away from me. I’m leaving, and I just want to forget I ever saw you.”


“Liar. You won’t forget. I don’t think you’ve ever forgotten…” He leaned in closer, stopping when his mouth was against my ear. “You’ve never forgotten how you whispered my name into my ear, over and over again.”


His words repulsed me. I hated him.


“I remember you being the biggest mistake of my life.”


“Turn around.”


“Go to hell.”


“I earned my free ticket to hell a long time ago. Turn around, Avery.”


The way my name rolled off his tongue caused my breath to catch; it always had. I despised the fact that he still possessed the power to make my traitorous body react. He was and always would be toxic. Forbidden. Poison. I’d had a taste, and it had nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.


He pressed his chest against my back, and old memories trespassed into my mind. No matter how hard I’d tried, I’d never forgotten the last night we’d spent together. Under an audience of a million twinkling stars, we had slept on a blanket on the edge of Cotton Wilson’s private lake. That night had been beautiful. Perfect. Two days later, Stone was long gone, and thanks to social media and gossiping texts, the people in my small community knew why before I did.


“Leave me alone,” I whispered.


“I can’t do that. There’s a bad storm coming with high winds and a lot of rain. I know for a fact that the only two motels are full, and by now the ferry has already closed.”


There had to be somewhere else for me to stay. A shelter. A church. Hell, even in my car. Another large gust of wind sailed through the air, knocking over the trash bin by the driveway and causing a piece of some sort of metal to blow down the street.

He placed his hand on my upper arm in a gentle touch. “Come inside, Avery, before you end up getting hurt.”


Chasing Wicked coming April 18th AND the amazing cover reveal March 21st!

The verdict is in! After sending out ARCs for Chasing Wicked…they freakin’ loved it! This girl is so happy! I can’t wait for you to meet Stone Mitchell and Avery Anderson. Their story is full of surprises, twists, and H.O.T sex. Stay tuned for teasers, the trailer, and of course the cover reveal next Tuesday. Until then, I’ll share the blurb 🙂

Stone Mitchell was and always will be toxic.



I’d had a taste and it nearly killed me. Now, I knew better than to bite the apple.

He’d betrayed me in the worst imaginable way possible.

Six years later, I found myself riding out a dangerous storm with the cheating bastard. 

Truths are uncovered. Deception unfolds. Passion ignites and chemistry explodes.

Adding to the drama? I hold a secret that’s unforgivable. I’m the one that ruined our second chance.

Yet, it’s Stone that comes for me with a vengeance.

He’s wicked. He’s wicked ruthless. Pure wicked sin.

…and I want another taste.


Creating a novel…this is the way I roll!

Do you ever wonder where an author creates, imagines, and unfolds the story that has to be told? Like a few of my author friends, I find myself jotting down notes on just about anything on hand. Even using grocery or restaurant receipts if I’ve changed purses and forgot to toss in my trusty notebook. Without pen and paper, I’ll never keep remember the one line that’s a must for my story.
A vast majority of my writing has been spent in the comfort of my oversized recliner. And thank goodness it’s big because I share the space with my precious apricot poodle named Macy. She happens to think she shares the space with me instead of the other way around. I couldn’t resist sharing her usual spot with her head sprawled out on my keyboard.
Other favorite places to write include, my bed (especially in the mornings) or enjoying beautiful cool temperatures on the patio. Too many hours to count are spent at the dining room table with dozens of hummingbirds swarming the feeder. There’s something about those beautiful birds that help me relax so I can get through the pits of hell AKA writers block. (Notice the Sonic drink….keep reading and you’ll see they are everywhere!)
…And for those moments the story takes off in my mind and I’m all to thankful when I’ve harbored my laptop deep inside a too-big of a purse while sitting at places such as Sonic. (Don’t judge me, LOL!) Several of the best scenes I’ve written came from sipping a Route 44 Coke Zero in the middle of cars zipping all around 🙂
And then there’s the junk food that help make it happen, LOL!!!
For the most part creating characters, plots, and scenes are fun and exciting…but it can also be a pull your hair out/bang your head against the wall journey. Along the way of writing, editing, and re-writing, I found I needed a place to be serious. Where I can shut out the world, and focus with a do-not-disturb sign on hand. With the house still filled with kids, I didn’t have a room to spare to call mine. However I did have a place! Several years ago, we purchased an inexpensive armoire from Wal-Mart and placed it in our foyer for an old desktop. There’s a partial dividing wall separating the area from the living area. Since no one ever uses this space anymore, I decided to stake claim and call in my own. With a few small purchases to brand it the way I wanted, I now have my own writing cave. Yes, it’s tiny…but it’s mine! And I adore it.
There’s a ton of dreamy writing spaces on Pinterest and I have some on my boards. Browse over and enjoy 🙂
And for Kathryn L. James, this is a sneak peek at how it’s done!
Happy reading and writing!
Until next time,
Kathryn L James (KJ)
Kathryn James lives in a southern small town with her husband and kids. Being a hopeless romantic, she loves to read and write about bad-boy sexy alpha males and a strong heroine. She weaves her characters along a roller coaster ride full of angst before they reach their HEA. The beach is one of her favorite places to relax and write. But most days, when she’s writing, you can find her snuggled under a blanket in a recliner with her sweet apricot poodle curled up beside her. She’s loves diet coke, and is certain it helped her stay awake pecking away on her laptop writing her debut novel Crazy Beautiful Lies and a short Crazy Beautiful Kiss in an anthology Story of a Kiss. She’s currently working on a wicked hot novel, Chasing Wicked. 
To connect with Kathryn:

Fall. Perfect Timing….

September is bringing cooler temperatures.
Pumpkin Spice scents, coffee, bread…all things delicious are hitting the shelf.
Holiday decorations, from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the stores.
….and all things wonderful.
The perfect time for me to fall back on track with my blog.
The same I’ve embarrassingly ignored for the past several months.
What have I been up to? Writing a new novel, Chasing Wicked! And I can’t wait to introduce Stone Mitchell and Avery Anderson. He’s arrogant. He’s cocky. And he’s delicious! She’s feisty, and can hold her own when it comes to Stone Mitchell…when no-one else can. This couple has twisted chemistry….all because of an unthinkable twisted incident.
The messages I still receive from those who read and loved Crazy Beautiful Lies still have me in awe. I’m humbled and thankful for each and everyone who has taken the time to message, email, or leave a review. In the near future, I’ll be developing a newsletter to help keep my readers in the loop of my new releases.
To the writer’s, Happy Writing!
To the reader’s, Happy Reading!
Until next time,
Kathryn L. James (KJ)

Hot Off The Press…

Crazy Beautiful Kiss, part of the anthology, Story of a Kiss is live! Thirteen of us put together a collection of stories of unforgettable kisses just in time for February, the most romantic month of the year.

I’m so excited on the second day of release it’s doing amazing! We climbed the charts on Amazon to take the #8 spot for books (Literature/Fiction/Holidays), #9 for Kindle eBooks (Literature/Fiction/Holidays) and #48 Kindle eBooks Romance/Holidays.


First publishing Crazy Beautiful Lies in December 2015, and now Crazy Beautiful Kiss has had me on the seat of my pants. I was afraid to fail and what if my writing lacked connection to the reader?  That I was only a wanna be writer…but then the the emails, messages, blogs, tweets, FaceBook posts, and amazing reviews came in. I was awed and I’m still in awe. They helped me realize, I’m not only a wanna be writer, I am a writer!


Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing provides a nice graph of sales and watching Crazy Beautiful Lies keep trending upward has kept the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. When I hit the last button to upload it on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, I vowed if only 50 people bought it, I would do a happy dance…AND I reached that goal on the very first day of publication. Over one month later, the sales are still making me smile. It’s like a dream…People a/k/a readers are buying it and loving it! Thank you all for your fantastic messages, comments, and reviews! I loved receiving each and every one.

I’ve been asked if I were going to write a sequel in Blake DeLuca’s point of view. The answer is no. BUT, I am going to do some excerpts and post them here on my blog. I’ll facebook and tweet about them so you don’t miss out on reading some of Blake’s dark and twisted reasoning. And how he felt when Jenna brought him to his knees and gave him redemption.

I’ve also been asked if Colin Williams and Calista DeLuca from Crazy Beautiful Kiss are going to get a full length novel? YEP! I don’t have a release date to give you as of yet, but it’s in the works and I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

Until next time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)

Writing Update: A Million Butterflies

Life in my neck of the woods has been hectic in the most exciting way. Many of you have followed my journey from the beginning, cheering and supporting me along the way. On December 14th, I published my very first novel, Crazy Beautiful Lies. All of my hard work was set free for the world to read.

CBL 1st revision

While I may have listened to others who have already experienced this roller coaster ride, I never dreamed the different emotions I would feel. The night before release day, I couldn’t sleep. Each time I closed my eyes and drifted off, the peace only lasted minutes. I stared into the darkness worrying if readers would buy a book from little ‘ole me, a writer from a small southern town.

I chose InkSlinger for my release day launch, cover reveal, and they lined up blogs to review and share the word. (They’ve been amazing, by the way.) On the morning of, I can’t even begin to express how I felt the moment I saw the cover pop up on facebook, twitter, and blogs. And then, there was my first review on Goodreads and Amazon…FIVE AMAZING STARS, and the great reviews kept coming. I giggled like a young school girl when I received my first message from a fan. An overwhelming amount of happiness, giddiness, and joy filled my heart. Tonight as I write this, I’m still in awe.

February 1, 2016, the same million butterflies that have been fluttering around in my stomach for the last few weeks will be back. Crazy Beautiful Kiss, my second official published work will be birthed in A Story of a Kiss, an anthology. Thirteen authors with thirteen amazing stories that will make you smile as you read about toe curling kisses.



CBK revised

With each publication, I would like to think the nerve-racking anxiousness, heart palpitations, and stress would get easier, but for me I don’t think it ever will. AND  I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my insight on what it’s been like going from a writer/author to a happy published author.

Until next time,

Kathryn L. James

Here it comes Romance World…

December 14th, 2015 is the big day…My big day…Crazy Beautiful Lies will be available for you to read.  It’s available for pre-sale now on Amazon and KOBO and I’m working on Barnes & Nobles.

I’m very excited InkslingerPR (  will be handling my release day blitz starting Monday and blog tours lasting 2 weeks will be helping spread the word about bad boy Blake DeLuca and Jenna Capwell.

Until next time,