Fall. Perfect Timing….

September is bringing cooler temperatures.
Pumpkin Spice scents, coffee, bread…all things delicious are hitting the shelf.
Holiday decorations, from Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the stores.
….and all things wonderful.
The perfect time for me to fall back on track with my blog.
The same I’ve embarrassingly ignored for the past several months.
What have I been up to? Writing a new novel, Chasing Wicked! And I can’t wait to introduce Stone Mitchell and Avery Anderson. He’s arrogant. He’s cocky. And he’s delicious! She’s feisty, and can hold her own when it comes to Stone Mitchell…when no-one else can. This couple has twisted chemistry….all because of an unthinkable twisted incident.
The messages I still receive from those who read and loved Crazy Beautiful Lies still have me in awe. I’m humbled and thankful for each and everyone who has taken the time to message, email, or leave a review. In the near future, I’ll be developing a newsletter to help keep my readers in the loop of my new releases.
To the writer’s, Happy Writing!
To the reader’s, Happy Reading!
Until next time,
Kathryn L. James (KJ)