Hot Off The Press…

Crazy Beautiful Kiss, part of the anthology, Story of a Kiss is live! Thirteen of us put together a collection of stories of unforgettable kisses just in time for February, the most romantic month of the year.

I’m so excited on the second day of release it’s doing amazing! We climbed the charts on Amazon to take the #8 spot for books (Literature/Fiction/Holidays), #9 for Kindle eBooks (Literature/Fiction/Holidays) and #48 Kindle eBooks Romance/Holidays.


First publishing Crazy Beautiful Lies in December 2015, and now Crazy Beautiful Kiss has had me on the seat of my pants. I was afraid to fail and what if my writing lacked connection to the reader?  That I was only a wanna be writer…but then the the emails, messages, blogs, tweets, FaceBook posts, and amazing reviews came in. I was awed and I’m still in awe. They helped me realize, I’m not only a wanna be writer, I am a writer!


Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing provides a nice graph of sales and watching Crazy Beautiful Lies keep trending upward has kept the butterflies fluttering in my stomach. When I hit the last button to upload it on Amazon/Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo, I vowed if only 50 people bought it, I would do a happy dance…AND I reached that goal on the very first day of publication. Over one month later, the sales are still making me smile. It’s like a dream…People a/k/a readers are buying it and loving it! Thank you all for your fantastic messages, comments, and reviews! I loved receiving each and every one.

I’ve been asked if I were going to write a sequel in Blake DeLuca’s point of view. The answer is no. BUT, I am going to do some excerpts and post them here on my blog. I’ll facebook and tweet about them so you don’t miss out on reading some of Blake’s dark and twisted reasoning. And how he felt when Jenna brought him to his knees and gave him redemption.

I’ve also been asked if Colin Williams and Calista DeLuca from Crazy Beautiful Kiss are going to get a full length novel? YEP! I don’t have a release date to give you as of yet, but it’s in the works and I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

Until next time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)


Something About KJ

By day I’m an ER nurse and all the other days and nights in between, I’m writing Romance under the pen name Kathryn L James.   I remember falling in love with writing when I was a kid.  Our teacher wrote a partial sentence on the chalkboard (showing my age).  We had to finish her sentence and write a story.  This must have been a favorite assignment of hers because I recall doing them often. In high school, I focused on short stories and poetry, but read romance every day.   In my early teens, I found my grandmother’s stash of Harlequin Romance and so the love of reading love stories began.

After graduation, life happened.  I married my high sweetheart, and I am blessed.  He supports all that I do and after all these years, I still have it bad for him 🙂  Writing may have been put on a back burner, but I never pushed it completely aside.  How could I?  There were sign/reminders everywhere. . .that’s another story for another time.  Today, I’ll  share the last ‘sign’,  the one that turned on my green light.  My daughter lived and breathed Twilight.  I checked out what she was so obsessed with. . .and came across an interview of Stephanie Meyer.   She talked about coming up with the idea from a dream, the meadow scene, and started typing it out on her laptop.  A wife, a busy mom and Wa-lah. . . She. Did. It.  That one interview made the wheels in my brain start turning.  I. Can. Do. It.

My current work in progress (almost finished) is called Crazy Beautiful Lies.  Jenna Capwell thought she had it all.  The perfect fiancé.  The perfect love.  Until tragedy strikes and dark betraying secrets surface.  She meets Blake DeLuca under circumstances of Crazy Beautiful Lies. . . and the hot and steamy romance begins.

My new motto comes from an anonymous author:

She believed she could, so she did.

Until next time,