What I’ve Been Up To…

I’ve been working feverishly on Finding Wicked the second installment in The Mitchell Brothers – Wicked Series. Garrett Mitchell (known as The Tin Man according to the break room gossip) is proving he has a warm tender side underneath all that ice….And Brooke Sheridan is the one that’s melting him down.
I’d hoped it would be available to the world by November, regretfully that’s not going to happen. Please be patient…It is coming and it’s my plan to make you fall in love with that dirty mouthed Mitchell brother!
Life has been busy in the KJ house.
Kids laughter.
Daughter lunch dates.
Son lunch dates.
Caring for my mother who has battled lung disease for more than ten years and ironically never smoked a day in her life. Lots of doctors appointments in hopes of preventing admissions. 2017 has been good to her and I can’t begin to express my thankfulness for her improved health.
There were unexpected events and crisis too close for comfort.
Earlier this year, my husband gave our entire family the scare of our lives. He suffered a heart attack and had to be air lifted to a large medical center for cardiac care. I cannot express how this puts things in perspective. The moment they loaded him in the helicopter and I alternated waving and blowing kisses standing as close to the helipad as allowed, not knowing if he could see me–or if I would ever see him again. By day I’m an ER nurse…and I know first hand how people’s lives change in the blink of an eye. I met up with him in an ICU almost an hour and a half later and seeing him in less pain soothed my worry. But that didn’t last. Early the next morning, we were sitting together as if we were in the living room of our home. He wasn’t experiencing pain or discomfort. I’d just told him they were probably going to wait to do a heart cath the next day since it was Sunday when the alarm sounded on his heart monitor. Before my eyes he went into what can be a fatal rhythm. I knew what was happening. I felt as I knew too much. Scared beyond words can describe, I scrambled to my feet as a team of critical care members along with the staff cardiologist joined me at his bedside and began rapid response care. I don’t think I remembered to breathe. Once again, I watched him being wheeled behind closed doors with me scared out of my wits. Would I see him again? I cried against the window pane. I prayed into the deafening silence. I sat in the waiting room, completely alone–all of about five minutes before running back into the hallway standing outside those heavy locked doors where I’d last been by his side. He had blockage and by the grace of God, he is doing well after having what the doctor’s call “The Widow Maker” event.

Aside from all of this, I will confess there was a little Vampire Diaries Addiction in this mix. In late summer I reached Season Three in a couple of weeks. I had to compromise. Now I only get to watch one episode after 4,500 written words. I’m starving to see what happens with Damon, Stefan, Elena, Caroline, Tyler and the rest of the gang. If you watch it…then you totally get me.
Big things are coming for the fall of 2017 and you won’t want to miss out. I’ll have a newsletter soon and plan to only stalk you by email once every couple of months unless there is a newsflash or gossip to share out something I can’t keep quiet about. Also teasers around the corner as well as a book trailer.
AND….the biggest secret of all is the book cover. It’s in the works and it’s going to be amazing. Gahhhh, I can hardly talk about it without wanting to give you a sneak peek.
To all my readers, the bloggers, those who left reviews, sent messages, or re-tweeted my work, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Till next time,

Kathryn L. James (KJ)

Author: Kathryn L. James

I write contemporary romance under the name Kathryn L. James with a steamy edge. . .some say it borders erotica romance. I'm writing my first novel called Crazy Beautiful Lies and have fallen in love with my own characters Blake DeLuca and Jenna Capwell. I love a happy ending with angst along the way. My characters go through hell getting them to the HEA. When I'm not writing, I'm enjoying family time or at the day job as a nurse. Fortunately I have a day job, I happen to love! I married my high school sweetheart and after all these years still have it bad for him. :) We have three amazing kids who are grown and blessed with two little ones who visit often. And if we're going to tell everything about me, I can't leave out my sweet poodle who is usually in my lap while I'm pecking away on my story. I have an addiction to chocolate, love Moscato D'Asti and hates coconut cream and pecan pies.

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