Crazy Beautiful Lies…Coming soon!

My baby a/k/a novel Crazy Beautiful Lies is in the final editing stages.  The cover is sitting in a file on my computer waiting to be revealed!  To say the least, I’m super excited. . .yet, scared to death!  My characters Blake DeLuca and Jenna Capwell have given me one hell of a rollercoaster ride!  I’ve yelled at them, cried with them, slammed the laptop closed and put them in time-out while lying awake until wee hours of the morning because I couldn’t stop thinking about their chemistry.

What’s this story about?

Jenna Capwell has the perfect life with Ryan Williams, or so she thought.  To give her closure on his betrayals she has a chance meeting with Blake DeLuca who mistakes her for a call girl from an elite escort service.  On a whim she makes the decision to be reckless and carefree with her immediate attraction to Mr. Hot and Sex On a Stick.  Six months later he learns her true identity by a chance meeting and the bad boy makes an offer for a no strings “friends with benefit” relationship.  Why not?  Sizzling sparks fly in their wild affair and hearts become involved. . .Until she makes a decision bringing Mr. Bad Ass Blake DeLuca to his knees, one that changes the rules and suffers consequences.  Can she survive another heartbreak and can he survive her betrayal?

Enjoy a few teasers from Chapter One:

Teaser #1

Absently, I twirled my engagement ring still on my left ring finger. He was my best friend, my lover, my soul mate. Tears streamed down my face onto my black silk blouse and I didn’t try to stop them. This would be the last time I would be this close to his body, before they lower the elegant bronze casket into the ground. I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to block out the sounds of sobbing surrounding me. People mourned, but none were as broken as me.

Teaser #2

Webb’s voice spat liquid poison, “There are circumstances that will change your mind. Make you love him less.”

There are several others I wanted to share. . .like the circumstances.  I’ve been told by some who have critiqued my story it’ll bring you to edge of your seat.

More posts coming soon and I cannot wait until the cover is revealed!!

Until next time,

Kathryn L. James (Kj)


Favorite Reads for 2014

Some of my favorites may not be a new book for 2014, but I’m glad I found them.  I wanted to add so many more, but made a promise to stop at naming ten.

1.  Very Bad Things (Briarcrest Academy) – Ilsa Madden-Mills

2.  Very Wicked Things (Briarcrest Academy) – Ilsa Madden – Mills

3.  Sugars on the Edge – Sawyer Bennett.

4.  In Your Corner – Sarah Castille

5.  Against The Ropes – Sarah Castille

6.  Make Me Forget – Anna Brooks

7.  Straddling The Line – Jaci Burton

8.  Black Lies – Alessadra Torre

9.  Need You Now – Mika Joile

10. Maybe Maby – Willow Aster

Before closing, I’m getting closer to finishing Crazy Beautiful Lies and being a published author is becoming a reality.  I’ve decided to send it out and see if it catches the attention of a publisher, but if it doesn’t it’s going to be Indie for me!  The real in reality is making me smile ear to ear.  I’m transitioning from writer to author. . .published author! SQUEEEEE!

Until Next Time,  Kathryn L. James (KJ)

Starting a Bucket List (ahem, goals)

1.  Write at least one sentence everyday.

2.  Keep up with my blog.  As you can see, since July not a lot happening in blogging world for KJ.  Life really has been in the way of my blog.  *stomps feet and declares, NO MORE of that!*

3.  Start my search for cover art.  (Yes, I’m getting to that stage.. .if I’m going Indie)

4.  Make a promise when I get to the big day of sending out Crazy Beautiful Lies, not to have a panic attack.  Not to sweat any rejections and understand I CAN be an indie author 🙂

5.  When I type the last word. . .Celebrate like crazy.

6.  Write at least one book that is on the NYT Bestseller list.  Now that would be the ultimate goal for my bucket list 🙂

I think it will be fun to look back at this list next year and see what I can cross out.  One thing for certain, I am having the time of my life writing in my spare time.  Blake and Jenna give me one heck of a rollercoaster ride and I hope my readers will fall in love with them as much as I have.  Teasers coming soon 🙂

Hugs, KJ

Something About KJ

By day I’m an ER nurse and all the other days and nights in between, I’m writing Romance under the pen name Kathryn L James.   I remember falling in love with writing when I was a kid.  Our teacher wrote a partial sentence on the chalkboard (showing my age).  We had to finish her sentence and write a story.  This must have been a favorite assignment of hers because I recall doing them often. In high school, I focused on short stories and poetry, but read romance every day.   In my early teens, I found my grandmother’s stash of Harlequin Romance and so the love of reading love stories began.

After graduation, life happened.  I married my high sweetheart, and I am blessed.  He supports all that I do and after all these years, I still have it bad for him 🙂  Writing may have been put on a back burner, but I never pushed it completely aside.  How could I?  There were sign/reminders everywhere. . .that’s another story for another time.  Today, I’ll  share the last ‘sign’,  the one that turned on my green light.  My daughter lived and breathed Twilight.  I checked out what she was so obsessed with. . .and came across an interview of Stephanie Meyer.   She talked about coming up with the idea from a dream, the meadow scene, and started typing it out on her laptop.  A wife, a busy mom and Wa-lah. . . She. Did. It.  That one interview made the wheels in my brain start turning.  I. Can. Do. It.

My current work in progress (almost finished) is called Crazy Beautiful Lies.  Jenna Capwell thought she had it all.  The perfect fiancé.  The perfect love.  Until tragedy strikes and dark betraying secrets surface.  She meets Blake DeLuca under circumstances of Crazy Beautiful Lies. . . and the hot and steamy romance begins.

My new motto comes from an anonymous author:

She believed she could, so she did.

Until next time,